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Constitutional Primers

Below are some resources to help you learn more about the constitution. Did you know that congress passed a law that the President signed on December 8, 2004 (Public Law 108-447), that makes every September 17th (the day the constitution was adopted) National Constitution Day? On that day all schools that receive federal funds must teach about the constitution. Read this CNN article on the law and take special notice of the 3rd paragraph's comments about the 10th amendment stating that education has traditionally been state territory, not the purview of the federal government. That's what you call "newspeak," meaning, the feds are pushing something at us again, just like No Child Left Behind. We have a national department of education constantly telling the states what to do.

I say every September 17th, the program ought to be based around the 10th amendment teaching our children what the true differences are between the federal and state levels of government and how to get rights back to the states and eliminate non-constitutional federal powers. Ooooohhh, I'm a dreamer.

Here are some other online resources to help you learn and then teach your family and friends about the constitution. - National Center for Constitution Studies
This site has plenty of resources to purchase to learn about the constitution.
Sign up for their email list and get a Founders quote every day as well as other constitutional happenings. Founding documents can be found here as well.
An excellent resource site for founding documents and other excellent talks on these subjects.
Below the quotes are an excellent list of talks given by LDS people on freedom issues.

Specific Groups and people attempting to save the constitution
My hero representative Ron Paul. He votes the constitution every time.

Ron Paul's constitutional budget speech video
The Constitution Party website. Yeah, I'm still a Republican but a frustrated one and considering the switch. At least those that run on this platform and party generally do what they say they're going to do...
Ed Griffin's site where you can sign up for a weekly email containing "unfiltered news." To sign up, click unfiltered news and look in the circle at the top right of the page.
These are neat little report cards on your representative in congress so you can see how they voted on a number of issues during the last few months and the dollars that affect you with the bill. Rather than say they voted "yes" or "no," the bulletin compares the bill to the constitution and shows if they supported the constitution or not. Looks like Chris Cannon from Utah only voted for the constitution 2/8 times this past spring...Jim Matheson 1/8...and Rob Bishop 2/8. But Ron Paul from Texas was 8/8 !!!


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