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2020+ Summer Soccer Rules (super important rules in red)

1: Have fun

2: Don't play so that others are forced to break rule 1

3: Games will be at 8:30 am Saturdays and game play lasts until 10 am.

4: Each team must field at least 2 women at all times (preferably 3 if you can). If you have no women show up for a game, play 9 men maximum unless the other team says otherwise. This keeps the game more fun and true to the co-ed nature of play.

5: Captains must manage their team. Run subs fairly so some players don't hog all the time. Settle down aggressive players or sub them out. I will kick people out of the league who are hotheads and play dangerously.

6: All free kicks resulting from fouls are indirect. This means walls are not necessary and encourages just keeping the game going. If they occur in the box, newbies should take the penalty kick. If you don't have a newbie, one of the ladies on your team takes the kick.

7: Free substitutions. If a player wants to sub out, just leave the field and let another enter.

8: Share players if your opponent's team is short players and you have extras to even up the game.

9: Each team should call offside against their own team. Ignore all calls from the defense that you were offside. Never call offside on a newbie unless that newbie is just waiting by the goal for the ball to arrive way behind the defense.

10: RAIN GAMES: If it's raining hard, check your email and I'll send out notification if games are cancelled. This has only happened once in 9 years.

11: Newbie Rule: If a player is wearing the colored arm band to signify they are a new player, if you are an experienced player, give them a chance to play the ball for a little bit. I'm not putting a time limit here, but we're trying to grow the sport and give non-soccer players a chance to participate. They will have a much better transition if they get a chance to actually try and dribble and shoot.

12: Dangerous play calls: No slide tackling or knocking players to the ground. Play controlled and recreational. Players that slide tackle get benched. If it's accidental due to slipping, it's a free kick (see rule 6).

13: Non-registered players may not play unless you are below 11 players or one of your players wants to sit out. As soon as your player is ready to return into the game he/she may call out the extra non-registered player. If you know someone that wants to play, have them join the Facebook group here:

14: Be sure and clean up the field after your game.

15. Players can pass back to their own goalie and the goalie can pick up the ball. IE. Not FIFA rules.

16. Oftentimes children come to the games to watch their parents play and families expect the environment to be safe and family friendly. This means a profanity free zone. Captains should make sure you talk with your team members and any subs about this so they keep the atmosphere fun, friendly and safe for children. Captains, if a player is getting out of hand with their mouth, sub them out.

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