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There Goes the Neighborhood (Also Known As "Track Two")

Fed up with the garbage going on in society? Does your head want to explode every day when you see the news headlines about gay education for elementary school kids or the latest attack from the ACLU and our government on religious rights? Want to do something but don't know what to do? Here's my little attempt at explaining the background of the problem and some possible solutions.

As a Republican, I firmly believe in the party platform for limited government and fiscal restraint. The problem with the platform is the people that go into office swearing to abide by it seem to check their badge at the door and forget anything they campaigned for as long as their votes for social agendas buy them their next re-election.

There's several statements here by LDS leaders as well but that shouldn't throw you if you're not LDS. They're very patriotic and understand the nature of what we're dealing with in a corrupt world. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about the LDS church and I'll try my best to answer them.

"How can men of conscience ignore the teachings of the Master in their daily affairs, in business, or in government? We stand by and wink at many things because we fear to do anything about them. We may be against crime or communism, but what do we do about it? We may be against corruption in government or against juvenile delinquency, but what do we do about it? We may have a belief in the gospel of Jesus Christ, but what are we doing about it? We need to push fear into the background and come forward with a definite, positive declaration, and assume responsibility."

- Elder Howard W. Hunter
General Conference, October 1960

To format this segment I have outlined below several items which if read will help identify some of the problems we face and how to help others be aware.

  1. None Dare Call it Conspiracy-the primer
  2. How the World Really Works-a broader picture
  3. An LDS perspective on secret combinations
  4. Track Two - Preparing for the future (teach our children the constitution)
  5. The Message-An LDS NDE to prepare us to save America-what to start studying
  6. Constitutional Primers and other resources & national constitution day

If you have read the sections above, congratulations. You have read what you will either consider nonsense, or a seemingly overwhelming task of turning the tide of the rapid loss of our freedoms. Where do you start? Purchase and read the books. Then share them with others. Purchase a pocket constitution and study it. Study Cleon Skousen's textbook on the constitution, The Making of America. They're all listed in those articles.

Your whole perspective on politics and the insiders of Washington will change dramatically. You will no longer wonder why certain things happen in Washington. You will begin to examine the voting record of your elected officials and may I say boldly that I am completely ashamed of my representatives in Utah. Their voting records are abominable in supporting the constitution. Senator Bennett has received a "D" rating from the gun owners of America on 2nd Amendment issues protecting the rights of people to bear arms. Senator Hatch has a "B" but neither one made the national taxpayer union's list of Friends of Taxpayers. Neither did any of the representatives from Utah. Our state representatives go to Washington in a spirit of "cooperation" where they claim the only way to accomplish anything is to give and take with other politicians. For a people that believe the constitution is inspired of God, it is a shame they don't treat the document as scripture.

I cannot imagine our officials voting on Biblical commandments and saying, "well, lets have a little bending on this adultery business as long as you'll make a public statement decrying idols in the home." Yet this is exactly how our representatives act. Compromise one commandment or freedom as long as you get to tout something positive on the other end.

I would much rather have the reputation that Utah stands for the constitution under all circumstances and fillibusters EVERY SINGLE BILL that comes through the Senate that doesn't uphold the constitution, than receive ANY federal money for any project. We need to reestablish the constitution as the framework for our society. There's a reason the 10th Amendment limited the powers of the federal government to a handful of things that needed to be national issues, and then everything else was left to the states.

The states have lost massive amounts of power over the last century in the name of the so-called "general welfare" clause which our Washington bureaucrats rely on in ways never intended by the founding fathers. The only way to reclaim it is to inform our neighbors of good candidates to support for office that pledge AND ACT to uphold the Constitution.

Representatives were to be elected in 2 year cycles so you could throw them out if they violated the constitution and senators were to be appointed by the state in the senate in 6 year cycles because they had the confidence of doing what was right for the state. With the 17th amendment, senators no longer have ties to the state and are elected by the populace which means they have to stay popular by buying votes. The original system was a natural check and balance between the representatives trying to buy your vote, and the senators keeping them in check so we didn't have runaway budget problems.

Check out the Constitution party for people that actually want to return us to the government our founding fathers gave us.

Please read these books. Please tell others about this site. It really doesn't take a "superman" to do this. Just study, and speak up, offering a bit of information here and there about what you've learned. Check into the issues and vote the constitution. Pick a couple of things you think would be beneficial and start figuring out how to work on them (lawyers in a bus at the bottom of the ocean is already taken ;) ).

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Educate yourself, educate others, vote.

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